Covid-19 Response by Belka Affiliate Teams

Providing Essential services to the vulnerable Community members in needs

We have distributed culture respected food items, meals and Personal Protective Kits to over 5000 new immigrants, seniors, international students, disabled youth and other youth in the African Caribbean community since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. Empowering the Black African Caribbean community is our top priority, hence we have adjusted our service delivery to meet our members as they are affected in one way or another by the pandemic (in terms of limited  movements, access to culture respect food), by moving  many of our community outreach programs to the virtual space. We have been holding meetings with our groups to educate and train them on how our services will be delivered and how to use the Personal Protective Equipment that will be supplied to them.

Belka Enrichment Center Oshawa team is dedicated to keeping the team spirit alive in our youth sports club buy hosting meetings to keep them in touch and encourage them to train in their respective homes and delivering meals and PPE to them as well.

Belka Enrichment Center Cambridge-Kitchener team has reached out to our seniors not in care by making available technology (computers and Wi-Fi access) to them and basic knowledge on how to connect virtually to include them in our virtual programs. We deliver culture respected food items and meal to our seniors too as they are the most vulnerable population during the pandemic.

Belka Enrichment Center Sudbury Team is relentless in reaching out to African Caribbean immigrant families to provide necessary support in terms of feeding, social inclusion (locating a niche where they can relate with people of similar experience and the group at large).

Belka Enrichment Center Milton team is committed to supporting the Latina women, seniors and youth immigrants in Milton.

Belka Enrichment Center Iqaluit team reaches out to the African-Caribbean and Indigenous youth in Iqaluit

Belka Enrichment Center Ottawa team as partnered with second harvest food rescue to get notifications from food vendor who will donate food that will be collected and distributed to our community members.

Belka Enrichment Center Winnipeg team applies for the Covid-19 emergency response funds to help non-for- profit organisations from sources to support our community members in terms of supply materials, emergency assistance, equipment and logistics and virtual meetings.