About Belka
Enrichment Center

Belka Enrichment Center is a charitable organization operating out of the Jane & Finch community. The Organization was created in 2003 after two of its founders who are teachers were beaten by black youths in the community. This unfortunate occurrence highlighted the need for these teachers to commit time and resources to support these youths as best as they could in helping them move beyond their anger and despair by providing positive alternatives.

The organization’s mission is to provide innovative programs and services to children and youth that will enable them to achieve their full potential and be successful in life. Belka specifically targets individuals at risk and those who otherwise could not afford to access these programs and services. A large part of the success of the programs that Belka runs is that the programs are co-designed and co-run by the youth, which enhances the programs’ effectiveness and innovation.

Programs are accessible to everyone regardless of gender, religious beliefs, race, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. In its programs, Belka has always ensured that a safe space is created, which encourages diversity and a positive message that everyone is unique and welcome.

Since its inception, thousands of children and youths have benefited positively through participating, volunteering and employment. The demand of the communities just keeps on growing so there is constant monitoring, evaluation and planning to meet the demands and needs of our diversified, multicultural and changing communities. To achieve optimum results from our programs and services, we partner and collaborate with local, municipal and provincial organizations and agencies. Our staff works along with volunteers, corporate and community partners to empower parents in their efforts to support their children by providing programs to achieve effective and successful educational and social outcomes.


Children, youths and young adults live in a safe, healthy and caring environment where everyone has access to an equitable range of educational and recreational resources and life chances.


To create innovative knowledge-based programs that enable children and youths to explore and build their academic strength, interpersonal and social skills.


• To further assist in the positive transformation of the Jane/Finch and surrounding communities through our children and youth

• Improve children and youth positive approach towards academic excellence and civic engagement.

• Through academic and social support eliminate systematic barriers that prevent our children and youth from succeeding in mainstream society.

• Enhance positive attitudes towards post-secondary education.

• Increase parental involvement in children and youth academic activities and their journey towards success.

• Improve the overall wellness and health of communities through physical sporting activities.

• Enhance leadership and mentoring skills, teamwork and conflict-resolution skills for children, youth and their families.

• Improve the economic and social status of our future generations.