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What is Belka?

Belka Enrichment Center is a project of Caribbean Global Missions (CGM) a non profit organization aimed at developing the academic and social potential of low income and at risk youth in the inner city Jane Finch community of Toronto , Ontario at large and other parts of Canada . Belka Enrichment Center aims at enabling children and youth of the low income and inner-city communities secure economic self-reliance, equality, power and civil rights. Belka Enrichment Center is a non religious organization with a mission to work with Children, Youth, Young Adult, Parents and Teachers in our communities. Belka Enrichment Center is a inclusive type of organization. Our communities as well as members are part of our progress.

Belka came into existence because of the great needs and the personal negative experiences of the founders in the communities around us. Some of us were beaten and molested as teachers and educators

Belka Enrichment Center is a non-profit educational agency providing after school programs dedicated to raising academic achievement levels for low-income and at-risk children in inner city areas and to encouraging them to become active, involved members of society.

Belka Enrichment began it's pilot program in the Jane-Finch Neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This neighbourhood, one of the most dangerous and crime-ridden areas of the Province, desperately needed a safe haven in which children grades K-8 could obtain homework assistance, mentoring, friendship, and above all, protection from the dangers and negative influences they encounter in their daily lives.

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